Payday loans without GFI- round the clock, online and without verification

Good Finance without GFI is a non-bank product, which is provided only by loan companies. Banks cannot grant them because they are obliged by the PFSA to check the databases of the Good Finance Information.

The instant payday loan without GFI may be a loan with which the databases of debtors are checked. For the indebted, only payday pay without GFI and KRD via the Internet can be used.

Do you have negative entries in the Good Finance Information? The bank will refuse you financing, but the loan company can grant a cash loan in such a situation. The payday loan offer without GFI has been prepared especially for customers like you!

Good Finance without GFI – non-banking companies offer

Good Finance without GFI - non-banking companies offer

The payday payday without GFI should be understood as the product offered in the non-bank sphere, i.e. outside the banking system. It is a micro loan, which is granted by private loan companies, characterized by a short credit process and quick payment of money directly to the client’s account.

Instant payouts without GFI via the Internet, however, have the feature that they are provided for a short time and at a low amount.

Generally, such a loan does not exceed the amount of several thousand USD and you have to return it to the loan company within 30-60 days. Popular payday loans without GFI are perceived as extremely expensive loan commitments. Is this really the case?

Not a list of unreliable debtors


Do you know that….GFI, or Good Finance Information, is not a list of unreliable debtors, but collects information on all borrowers and some borrowers in the Republic of Poland.

GFI was founded by the Good Finance and private banks, which aimed to create an institution gathering verified information about the credit history of bank customers, credit unions and some non-bank payday loans.

Instant cash online without GFI is only a non-bank product because banks are required to verify the ability and credit history of their potential borrowers at GFI. They cannot bypass this procedure.


The recommendations of the Good Finance Investment Corporation oblige banks to check the history of client credit in GFI in each lending process. If there are negative entries, indicating that the customer is not a reliable debtor, the loan will not be able to be granted.

How to get payday loans without GFI?


If you had problems repaying a loan or a loan, you probably have negative entries in your credit history in GFI, preventing you from taking a loan from a bank and loans from some loan companies for which GFI is a partner.

A quick payday loan without GFI remains, allowing for obtaining external financing from the loan company. Payday loans without GFI may have a stationary form, but they can also be payday loans via the Internet without GFI. In both cases, they can easily be taken in a few steps:

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